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Fascias in Pierowall - Installation & Replacement Costs

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Concerned about the structural integrity of your home thanks to leaking eaves? Need to give your home a make-over before a sale? Fascias Pierowall offer a range of aesthetically pleasing and affordable solutions to all your roofing needs. Don't live with decrepit fascias that could result in leaks and warped soffits. Let us help you find the best fascias at a price to suit any budget.

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what are fascias?

What are Fascias?

Fascias refer to a horizontal frieze or band situated vertically under the roof eave. They form the outer surface of a cornice visible to external observers. Fascias are typically used to hold rain gutters in place on domestic homes as well as commercial and industrial buildings. Often confused with soffits, fascias are required along with soffits to ensure the structural integrity of the roof as well as to prevent possible leaks and water damage to walls.

Types of Fascias

Fascias come in a variety of materials including vinyl, aluminium and wood. When choosing the right material for your home, consider not only the colour and style of the fascia for aesthetic appeal, but also the ease of installation and longevity of the material. Vinyl fascias can be fully customised in a variety of colours and textures for the perfect finish but they can be more expensive. Wood provides a cheaper option but may not be as long lasting, prone to water damage, and may require regular replacing.

types of Pierowall fascias
Pierowall fascia installation

Fascia Installation

Fascias Pierowall should only be installed by experts as the installation process can be difficult and strenuous, requiring specialised knowledge of architecture. The improper installation of fascias can lead to other roofing problems and may even affect the structural integrity of your walls. Fascia and soffit installation is often done concurrently to ensure correct placement and alignment so as to prevent possible leaks.

Fascia Repair

They can be damaged during severe storms and may degrade over time depending on the material they're made from. Repairs might be possible depending on the material used and the extent of the damage. Repairing damaged fascias may not always be the best option and it may end up being more cost effective to replace the fascia rather than trying to patch up damaged areas. Always consult the professionals about the possibility of repairs.

Pierowall fascia repairs

How to Determine Whether You Need Fascia Replacement

It can be difficult to tell whether your fascia needs to be replaced. It may look solid on the outside, but hide infestation or damage underneath. If you see any of the following symptoms, contact a professional:

  • Paint that is peeling or flaking. This often indicates warping, which is the result of moisture damage. As the fascia expands due to the absorption of moisture, the paint will start to crack and flake off.
  • Leaky gutters. If your gutters have been leaking, there’s a good chance your fascia has been damaged. Keeping your gutters clean can prevent this.
  • Noticeable rotting or dampness. If you can see even a small amount of rot on your fascia, chances are good that there is more rot where you can’t see it.
  • Areas that appear chewed or obvious nests protruding from holes. These things indicate a pest infestation. When left unchecked, these pests can cause structural damage to your home.
Pierowall fascia installation costs

Fascia Installation Costs

The cost of Pierowall fascias depends on a number of things: the type of material used, the size of the home and number of fascia ribbons required as well as the number of man hours required for the installation. The cost of fascia installation is negligible, however, compared to the cost of repairs required to fix a home suffering from water damage, damp and rot. Installing and maintaining fascias could end up saving you money on home repairs in the long run.

The Exterior Equivalent to Crown Moulding

Although it’s obvious that fascia serves a very important structural purpose for your home, it’s also important aesthetically. Worn, broken, damaged, or missing fascia can have a tremendous impact on the way your home looks. Many landscapers and exterior designers consider it the crown moulding for your home’s exterior. It’s a great place to add a splash of colour and some style with a variety of materials. When your fascia is in disrepair, or when it doesn’t seem to suit your home’s exterior design, it may be time for an update. Remember that fascia comes in a variety of materials, textures, and colours to suit all your design preferences.

decorative fascias

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Fascia and Gutters: Making the Right Choice

Because fascia acts as a foundation for your Pierowall home’s gutter system, it’s important to think about your fascia when you’re updating your gutters, too. For example, while aluminium gutters are lightweight and can be supported by almost any material, copper gutters weigh more and will require a sturdier fascia material. These are things you should discuss with your roofing contractor prior to making any decisions. These professionals can help you choose the right fascia to suit your needs and preferences.

The Dangers of DIY

Attempting to install fascias DIY is strongly not recommended. Fascia installation requires expert architectural and structural knowledge to ensure the integrity of your home. Working at elevations with tools can also put you at risk of grievous injury. Don't risk injury and damage to your home when the professionals are standing by ready to work on your project.

Pierowall fascia companies

Let the Professionals Do Their Job

As time goes on, you may have noticed that your home’s fascias are starting to look worn and unsightly, especially if they are wooden ones that have been painted. Not attending to these in a timely manner can result in your home becoming highly susceptible to water leaks and roof damage. Installing fascias is not a task that should be taken on in a DIY capacity because these units are often heavy and awkward to work with, which can increase the chances of you injuring yourself. Instead, it is recommended that you hire the services of a qualified and experienced roofer.

Your Pierowall fascia questions answered

A fascia is defined as a frieze or band of metal or wood that runs horizontally around the border of a roof, just under the edge of the roofing material. These are frequently painted or stained the same colour as the roofing material to provide a seamless look.

Fascias have a number of uses. Other than the obvious aesthetic appeal, they can also be used to attach rain gutters, or to attach hidden hooks or screws for hanging decorations, Christmas lights, or other decorative or functional lighting.

You should always be on the lookout for wasps, hornets, and other stinging insects. These insects like to nest underneath fascia, and may become aggressive if disturbed. If you notice a nest, contact a professional to remove it for you.

Although you can still purchase wood or metal fascias, it is now possible to purchase PVC fascia boards as well. These usually weather well, last for many years and are more affordable than wooden or metal units.

If you’re concerned about termites, wasps, bees, or other insects living in or around your home’s fascia, the best option is to contact a local exterminator. They can not only remove existing colonies of bees, wasps, and termites, but they can also prevent new colonies from moving in.

In most cases, it is possible to simply replace any sections of fascia that have been damaged. Whether your fascia is made of wood, vinyl, or another material, it’s possible to create a seamless look when only a section needs replacement due to damage.

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Example Fascia Work Requests

19 Oct Fascia Installation

New fascias needed on two sides of our house. Please quote for the replacement, and please also check the remaining boards to see if they need replacing too.

19 Oct Replacement

I had a recent woodworm infestation in which some of the fascias on my home became damaged. They need to be replaced in several areas. Can you provide me with a good quote for sturdy fascias?

19 Oct Partial Replacement

Some of the fascia boards are missing on the one side of our house after a recent wind storm. Would it be possible to just replace the missing units, or will all of the fascias on our home need to be replaced? Please can you send someone around to provide us with professional advice and possibly as quote as well?

18 Oct Quotes Wanted

I am not sure what is causing the problems, but my fascia’s have begun pulling away from the house and appear to be rotting. I need someone to inspect them, repair those that can be fixed, replace those that cannot be fixed and find out what caused the problem in the first place. Can you please offer a quote for these types of services?

18 Oct Cost Enquiry

We are prepping our house ready for sale and a job we have been putting off is replacing the fascias that have rotted over time. Please advise on the cheapest options available and how quickly they can be installed.

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