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Are your eaves looking a tad dilapidated? Time to spruce up the roof of your home prior to a sale? Soffits Pierowall provide a range of aesthetically pleasing solutions to all your roofing needs. Why live with old and sagging soffits that could compromise the structural integrity of your home when the professionals are standing by? We'll help you find the best Pierowall soffit installers at a price to suit your budget.

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what are soffits?

What are Soffits?

A soffit describes the underside of numerous construction elements including the underside of an arch supported by piers or columns, the underside of stairs and cornices, the junction between ceiling corners and walls and the exposed under surface of any exterior roof eave. The popular use of the term refers to the bridging used for the gap between a home's siding and the roofline, the eave. They tend to jut out a few centimetres or more from the roof and are often ventilated for cooling attic space.

Types of Soffits

There are numerous materials to choose from when considering soffit installation. Vinyl, aluminium, fibre concrete and wood composite are all popular choices. The soffit material may be depend on the material of the existing roofing. You'll also need to decide between ventilated or non-ventilated soffits. Ventilated Pierowall soffits provide a cooling system for liveable attic space, offering you a more energy efficient ventilation system than traditional air conditioning. Most soffit installations include both ventilated and non-ventilated boards.

Pierowall soffit types
sagging soffits

Are your Soffits Saggy?

Also referred to as eaves, soffits play an important role in keeping dampness, water, dirt and debris out of your roof and ultimately, the inside of your home. When they start to sag or get holes in them, they don’t only make the rest of your home look unsightly overall; they can affect the overall structural integrity of the property. When replacing or repairing existing soffits, it’s imperative that you have the work carried out by a professional who has architectural and/or roofing experience. This will ensure that the right soffits are correctly installed and that you receive a warranty on the labour and products used.

Soffit Installation

Soffits can be tricky to install and should only be done by professionals with architectural expertise. The improper installation of soffits may cause damage to your roof and home, putting you at risk of leaks and water damage. Soffit professionals may conduct a survey of your home prior to installation. This survey will include their recommendations for soffit materials as well as a cost estimate.

soffit installation Pierowall
soffit repair Pierowall

Soffit Repair

If your soffits have suffered extensive storm damage or are looking worse for wear due to age, it may be possible to repair existing soffits without having to install new ones. Individual soffit boards can be repaired or replaced without needing to disturb the rest of the existing structure. Repairs may not always be possible. This depends on the type of soffit, its location and the extent of the damage.

Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace Soffit

Soffit can become damaged over time due to several factors, and these include things like pest infestation or a leaky roof. Sometimes, a simple, inexpensive repair can solve the problem. Other times, it may be best to completely replace your soffit. Here are some tips for making the right choice:

  • The cost of the repairs. Replacing soffit may cost up to £5000 depending on the size of your home and the materials you choose. If you find yourself frequently repairing your soffit, replacement may save you money over time.
  • The extent of the damage. If you find that you’ll need to repair a large portion of your home’s soffit, a complete replacement may be the more economic choice.
  • The age and condition of the soffit. A professional can inspect your soffit and make a recommendation based on its age and condition.

Making a Statement with Soffits

New soffits yet another opportunity to make your home your own. Like fascias, it gives you the chance to add a pop of unexpected colour or a contrasting texture. You may choose to have your soffit and your fascia match, or you may choose to have them contrast one another for to catch the eye. Either way it goes, you’ll have plenty of colours, materials, and textures from which to choose when it comes to installing a new soffit.

designer soffits

Choosing Soffit Material

Soffits come in various materials, including wood, vinyl, aluminium, and even fiber cement. Each one of these materials provides its own inherent set of benefits and drawbacks. For example, some soffit materials aren’t compatible with certain venting methods, so this is something you’ll need to consider. If you’re shopping for soffit replacement, speak to a professional about his or her recommendations. These individuals can help you find the right products that will suit your needs and your budget.

The Costs of Soffits

The cost of Pierowall soffit repairs and installation depends on a number of things: the type of material used, the size of the home and number of soffit material required, and the labour required for installation. The cost of soffit installation is negligible, however, when compared to the repairs required to fix a home subject to water damage, leaks and rot. Installing soffits could end up saving you money in the long run.

Pierowall soffit installation costs

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The Dangers of DIY

Attempting to install soffits on your own is strongly not recommended. Soffit installation requires specialised knowledge of architecture and structural engineering to ensure the integrity of your home. Working at elevations with tools can also place you at risk of grievous injury. Why risk life and limb at the top of a ladder when the professionals are standing by?

Pierowall diy soffit installation

Your Pierowall soffit questions answered

Also known as an eave, a soffit is defined as the underside of any construction element. They are commonly used under the edges of roofs, beneath arches, and other similar pieces of construction. They can be painted the same colour as the surrounding walls, or used as a contrast.

While they are not really required, soffits do have their uses. They offer a complete or finished look to a project, and can also be used as ventilation for liveable attic spaces. They can vary from a few centimetres to a foot or more in width, depending on the construction of the building.

By adding a coat of primer, followed by two or more coats of exterior latex paint. You may also elect to have vinyl placed over top of your soffits to provide them with additional protection.

In cases where holes are quite small, repairs may be able to be done. However, if the soffits are sagging, it can be an indication that they have gotten damp – which means that it will be better to replace them as soon as possible.

Although soffit is certainly convenient when it comes to things like wind chimes or hanging baskets, it’s a good idea to avoid putting any kind of holes in your soffit wherever possible. There are soffit hangers available on the market to solve this, too.

Soffits can attract dirt over time, which can make them look unattractive. In some cases, a simple cleaning can breathe new life into them. You should never use a garden hose or pressure washer to spray water onto your soffit; this water can enter the ventilation and cause damage. Instead, if safe to do so use a ladder and some warm water along with mild soap to remove any visible dirt and debris. If you do not feel comfortable cleaning your soffits, you can contact a professional roof cleaner for help.

If they are starting to sag, are visibly damaged or are no longer looking attractive, it may be time to replace them. Our network of Orkney Islands roofing experts will be able to advise you which types will be best for your home.

The cost of replacement will depend on the amount needing replacement and the type of soffits they are being replaced with.

The Quote Process

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Example Soffit Work Requests

16 Oct Soffit Installation

Our soffits are in need of repair or complete replacement in places. Please organise some free quotes for the total overhaul of the soffits at your best possible price.

16 Oct Rodent Damage

Unfortunately, my home suffered an infestation by a family of rodents who destroyed some of the soffits. I need to have a number of them replaced along the back of my home. Will you please provide me with your best quote for strong soffits?

16 Oct Sagging Soffits

We recently purchased an older home, and it looks like the soffits have started sagging at the back of the property. We think it could be because that section of the house is damp. Can you please quote and let us know how much it will cost to replace these sections of soffit?

15 Oct Quotes Needed

I visited my elderly uncle and found that his home needed some repairs. Many of the repairs I have been able to handle; however his soffits need to be replaced. I believe that most of them are beyond repair. Please provide a quote for soffits and installation services.

15 Oct Price Enquiry

While cleaning my house roof this weekend, I noticed that the soffits were badly weathered. Can you provide me with a few quotes to have these replaced please?

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